Halimaw: Tikbalang Tribe Picture

For my webcomic: [link]

Sorry it's not so good D8 I played with filters on this one XD

Tikbalang: A creature with the head of a horse and a large/tall human body. Supposedly it is opt to get many people lost in their travelers and take human women (similarly to the Greek mythological centaur) as mates.
*From what I heard*: In my webcomic, there are no female Tikbalang, so the stallions must mate with humans. The clan is small in that area, made up of only six:
Siglo (upper right, brown), his older brother Milenyo (upper left, silver), Mayon (youngest in the middle, redhead), Apo (redhead on the left), Pinatubo (black hair) and Taal (dark skinned oldest).

Up top it says 'Tikbalang' in baybayin/Alibata, and in normal lettering.

Halimaw at the bottom right.

My characters, no stealing ._.
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