Paypal commission info Picture

-For any doubts and questions please comment in this submission!

-Art status will be uploaded in journals.

-Payment in advance. I won't start your drawing until I receive the money!

-I can send you the sketch to see if you like it, and every step if you want ^^.

*Complex characters can vary the base price.

-Lines: Done in traditional pencil, scanned and cleaned.

-Flat colors: Simple colors, no details. Can vary on the tones and palettes.

-Shaded: White or transparent background, full details on the character.

-Simple background: Flat color background with details on the ground like grass, dust, flowers, stones…

-Complex background: Full details on ground and beyond! I can draw any backgrounds.

What I need to know about the character(s):





Where does she/he/it/they live?:

(please be concrete and resume it).

What I can draw:

Humans (any magic/mythologic/alien variation).

Feral/anthro/furry/centaur (of any species).





Sexy stuff (not explicit).

Fan arts.

Real people/realistic characters in my style.

Any body shapes (fat, obese, skinny…). (I will respect the body shape of your character)

What I won't draw:

Explicit sexual themes, sorry! I won't draw erect penises, vaginas and such.

Credit for the drawings used as example:

Nobori from Pokemon (art trade).

Usopp, Nami and Nico Robin from One piece.

Shark girl belongs to Sumisu on FA.

Rui, crocodile girl belongs to Empire-Ant on DA.

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