Morrigan Aodha Picture

Here is the initial character design for my newest Pathfinder character, Mórrigan Aódha. She's a Fey Peri-Blooded Aasimar Mystic Theurge whose base casting classes are Cleric of Calistria and Enchanter Wizard. Since I can get to Mystic Theurge at 4th level using officially accepted "cheats" it's actually a viable build. Granted you lose out big compared to the witch class with also gets arcane and divine spells, full spell progression, UMD as a class skill, and access to a ton of unlimited use hexes; but you do get a lot of spells per day. Mórrigan gets several uses of Mirror Image from the Trickery Domain and also functionally gets several uses of Haste per day by taking the Tactics Inquisition in place of a second Domain. Combined with her racial spell like ability she casts a ton of arcane and divine spells from her first level (as a cleric). I suppose Waever (my Summoner with a Centaur eidolon) is technically my first support character, Mórrigan will not have a secondary character to fight for her and is functionally almost useless in a zone of silence. Still, when you can haste a Barbarian for 8 rounds a day at first level, I really only need one or two heavy hitters and she can buff them and debuff their enemies and cast a lot of nasty debilitating spells.

I realized recently that all my other female characters are combat builds with low Charisma and strong physical stats, mostly Strength. They are by no means unattractive but in order to make sense as adventurers they tend to be lacking in certain "assets" that tend to push Bluff, Gather Information, and Diplomacy skills. Most everybodyelse who plays female characters makes them big-boobed and wearing skimpy clothing regardless of their role in combat. I have resisted that and the table gets a kick out of Virvatuli and her scorn for anybody who displays more than a b cup. Mórrigan, on the other hand, can't do a cartwheel or carry a heavy load but she is smart as a whip, insightful, and (unlike any of the other females I have in society right now) knows how to use her sweater kittens to her best advantage. So, yeah, her outfit is more about, "visual psychological tactics" and avoiding arcane spell failure than protection. Besides, she is basically part elf and part angel so she has to be pretty hot.

After searching various mythological characters I decided to name her after a war goddess. With the ability to grant haste repeatedly and access to almost all buff spells, she's all about using her pawns to the best of their ability. As an Intelligence/Wisdom/Charisma build she is a tactician and manipulator. While she is as capricious as her patron deity, her Peri blood pushes her to be more altruistic, thus allowing her to be an adventurer with heroic intentions or at least pretense. Truthfully, she enjoys ordering people about for sport and sees fights as a noble sport like many other high-born Taldans.
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