Igna S1 Casual texted Picture

So here is my sweet little Igna, I know I really got difficulties in Drawing my first winx OC ever !

So here is her biography, but maybe changes will occur !

Name: Princess Igna Aqua Miriam
Surname: From Uranus
Nicknames: Igi, Nina.
Status: Princess
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: 3rd February
-Mother: Queen Miriam
-Father: King Zeus
-Little sister: Acrini
Physical appearance: Light green/blue hair, which are tied into two pigtails ! They seem short but are long, she has purple eyes.
Powers/Abilities: Water/Mythology
Origin: Uranus
Fairy Sign: Centaur
Friends: Linda, (others will come soon !)
Best friends: Linda !
Boy friend: ?
Pixie: ?
Pets: ?
Personnality: - Witty
- Clever
- Humanitarian
- Inventive
- Original and here are her bad sides: - Stubborn - Unemotional - Sarcastic - Rebellious - Aloof

Talents: She loves to do things with water, fire, like sculptures, she loves drawing and swimming over all !
Fashion Sense: Girly, Shorts, tops, high heels, and bracelets !

Base by: :iconwinx-chara:
Igna by me ^^
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