Dionysian Coat of Arms Picture

Done as a creative project for my Greek Mythology class.
Made this in photoshop with random heraldic images I found online. The satyrs were made from two separate heraldic images: the top half of a centaur and the bottom half of a goat. The followers of Dionysus are usually women but when they are men, they are typically satyrs.

The panther is a traditional heraldic image; it's supposed to have flames coming out of its mouth but I took those out cause it doesn't really go with Dionysus. Dionysus is always associated with big cats, usually panthers, and is often depicted wearing panther skins or with a panther (or riding on top of one).

The cup is a kantharos, a wine cup that Dionysus is usually seen holding. The staff with the snake and a pine cone on top is called a thyrsus; it is something that Dionysus and his followers (maenads, bacchantes) are usually seen holding.

The grapes and the ivy/vine wreath is obvious (Dionysus = god of wine). Hmm, I just realized I could've included a drama mask, probably at the top of the shielf under the grapes as a coronet (crown) or something. Oh well.

I got the vine wreath (in green) from inspyretash-stock

Here are all the parts of the coat of arms w/the heraldic lingo:
- Shield: Parted quarterly with Purple and Gold
- 3 Charges: 1) Panther in Rampant position
2) Thyrsus
3) Kantharos
- Supporters: 2 Satyrs
- Motto: Scroll with the name of Dionysus
- Mantle: Vine wreath
- Helm: Three bunches of grapes
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