Harpy Picture

"A Juvenile Harpy perches on the ruin of a pillar. Juvenile Harpies are in my humble option some of the best example of differences in coloring. As the Harpy matures the brighter chick colors, that the parents use to locate their chicks, fade into duller browns, black, slivers, golds, and grays. This leaves the juvenile Harpy both wash-out and over colored. The wing tips, legs, and crown seem to have matured the most color wise on this particular example.
This Harpy appears to a Razor wing Harpy however the blue around her neck indicates that she must be a half-breed or have some different mixes in her ancestry. The razor wing Harpy (also know as the bleeding heart harpy or the red crown harpy) so called for it's sharp wing tips and red ends to the primaries and secondaries have a resemblance to a knife or razor covered in blood. The deep blue and black stripes is most likely from a parent or grandparent. My best guess is that it comes form Ink Harpy genes. Ink Harpies are said to be named for the deep bottle blues, greens, purples, and blacks that tip their feathers. the Ink harpy's feathers also work best for writing quills."

-The Study of Monsters (and how to not die encountering them) by Geckard Green and Juna Pluto

I've decided to start the 30 day Monster girl Challenge! For those of you who don't know is a challenge where you try to draw a Monster girl every day for 30 days. There is a list of particular monsters that go in order. Harpy is day 1. I had a lot of fun drawing this the colors were just way too fun I went a little too crazy on them to be honest. Tomorrow is day two in the challenge, I'll be drawing a Centaur!
Also the Study of Monster is a not a real book. It's something I made up to describe how my monsters act/look like. I'm one of those people who can't do something with out creating an entire world to fit it and species rules and all that stuff. So I'll be using The Study of Monster to describe my thoughts behind the monster. I know that Harpies are actually chicken ladies from Greek/Roman Mythology but I sort of made my own type of Harpy for the challenge instead. It was just more fun for me that way.
Also I would like to say this is my second time coloring with colored pencils in about two years. Blugh I'm hoping I'll get better at it
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