Even Older Art Picture

If you're wondering 'why all the old stuff Sage' it's because I feel like embarrassing myself. That and these particular pieces struck me while going through my old sketchbook.

Granted...this last one I don't really like at all XD I'm merely posting it because it shows Larion and his group plus some of the villains.

lawl, well...uh...here they are! All drawn back in 2006. Needless to say, they've all had serious revamps since then.

Starting off you got Kilikichi. Before his revamp he looked like a mix between Kenshin and Shishiwakumaru. He also had a companion like Larion, except his was a fairy. Got rid of the fairy. Still not sure what his companion is. I was hoping for an earth based mythological creature. For now I'm settled on a griffin. The two kids beside him are his siblings. Heck if I know why I drew them.
Current remake: guy on the right [link]

Next we got Din. Uh...Nothing has actually changed about him except his wardrobe and just my style changing so that the fox ears are more at the side of the head.
Current remake: kid on the left [link]

The floating head is Jihirorou. I...don't even know where that name came from. Still trying to think of a good nickname for that. I can say it fine but...whoo boy. Neways, I completely remade him but have no references yet. He looks more like an actual man in his late 30s now. He's one of the villains.

Then Larion and his dragon. Not much to say there. Except maybe that Larion keeps having hair changes.
Current remake: [link]
with dragon: [link]

Thing next to him is a fuzzle. Don't ask. These guys are ancient. Like...at least 6th grade.

Then a centaur. There is a centaur in the story but I can't decide on a name for him. Not a major chara but still there.

Maria. Wow...she's like...my oldest character on this paper. Her story and inclusion didn't come until a year later, but I drew her years before any of these guys. You can blame this song [link] She's had a remake since this drawing, but I don't have it up.

Then Sheori. Heh, was named Shiori until a chick popped up with that name in InuYasha. Threw me for a loop that the name existed. So I made it Sheori."Sh-eh-or-ee'. I ended up loving this character a lot. I've remade Sheori since this drawing but have no references up.

Mai. Uh...he's a villain. And completely deranged. And flirts with anything that moves before gutting it. Need to work on him more. He definitely needs a redesign and I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Finally Christy. She has definitely had a remake since then (not posted). I really like her.

The 'Blue Roses' in the center is what I named this series....even though it has nothing to do with blue, roses, or ...anything related XD if you read that thing with Larion on my journal a while back it makes more sense.
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