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Welcome to Serra, a world of War vore and Religion a mix of political and military interque.

Serra is an All Female world where any woman with a sword and a dream could become famous!

here is the information.

The era's of Serra:
Serra is split up into four eras, these eras are Serra's Birth, First-Life, Second-Life, and Third-Life. These cycles encapsulate different histories and the

The birth of Serra were the days when all the mythology of Serra-ism started, this was the era where Serra and her daughters walked the earth, helping to teach and enlighten the world. The isles that filled Serra were once one whole continent, where all of the races intermingled. The goddesses taught the elves and dwarves fire and knowledge. The creatures unwilling to obey Serra (Such as Naga's and orcs) mainly stayed in their mountain homes.
Unfortunately, though there was great peace it was broken, jealous of her sisters and how they were loved, Baach created a great army of Orcs, naga's and created a great cult of elves...turning them into Dark elves. A great war was fought and ultimately the forces of good defeated the dark side. In anger for this war, Serra brought her sisters into the heaven and casted Baach down to the dread realm of Treck. She also splitted her continent of Serra into smaller islands, even creating new islands that the races of Serra have yet to explore yet.

First Life:
The Dwarves inhabited Folora, and the Variant Isle's and Moriobolo (The complete area of Marial and Dolivia)...While the elves stayed in Serenia and Matilda. The Dark elves and naga, what remained after the great wars, were amassing their forces in Madusa, gaining strength by the various demonesses that grew to power in Treck. They lead another great war, marching into the isles and slaughtered any Dwarven army in their way.
After their fresh victory the forces of darkness marched to Folora, a final battle was raged, a coalition of Dwarves, Elves, and the newly formed Human army won a amazing victory, destroying the whole army of Darkness, exterminating all the Dark elves to the very last...driving them to extinction.
After the devastating war, the loss of strength for the three powers lead to the growth of power of the Cat-girls in marial, and the wolf girls in Dolivia.

Second Life:
After the great war, all the powers stayed in their borders, building up their power greatly. The strongest of these powers becoming the Wolf girls of Dolivia. They lead a great war, taking the isles of Boka and Cindall away from the elves, then in a sudden attack they marched into Folora, leading a long and grevious war to destroy the dwarves....and they succeeded the dwarves getting exterminated.
The elves and humans saw this in horror...The cat girls joined in there coalition and together the three powers pushed Dolivia out of Folora, then into their own lands...Conceding defeat the Dolivia's surrendered, the coalition realized that this blood-shed need to sop, so rather then eradicating the wolves they decided to breed them with their weaker cousin's, thus making a rise of Dog-girls in Dolivia and the wolven girls soon disappeared compeletly.

Third life:
This is the phase of life that Serra is curerently at (The one that my story takes place in ^^) this is one of the most chaotic times in Serra, constant warfare is always going on, great armies amassing only to be beaten by the other, there are no real dark and light sides, nor has each power have the strength to destroy the other, each just tries to secure economic an border stability, while also wanting to prove their strength.
The greatest battles that have occurred are the Variant isle wars, the battles centering around Folora and Matilda's successful invasion and taking of Cindall from the Dog Girls.

The Religions
Above Serra there are many goddesses that have there own skills and dominions of importance to Serra...But the mother of all these goddesses and the creator of this world is Serra

Serra-ism: Serra-ism is the main belief on the planet, Serra-ists pray to Serra and the various other goddesses in the upper realm, each country having a individual goddess they pray too more then the other lesser Goddesses.

Marial---> Bonifa =The goddess of beauty and elegance.
Dolivia---> Aluwanna = The goddess of warfare.
Serenia---> Serenia = The goddess of harvest and grain.
Matilda ---> Ajane = The goddess of wealth and wine.
There are many other goddesses, here they are:

Serra-Supreme Goddess, goddess of creation, fertility, and light

Trea-Goddess of life
Diya-Goddess of earth and nature
Helena-Goddess of fire and blacksmithing
Nepena-Goddess of the sea
Mercka-Goddess of learning and intelligence
Lizora-Goddess of weather.
Baach-Demoness of Death

But like all religions there is a dark realm a realm where the Goddess cast demons and other hated creatures this under realm is what is controlled by a heartless demon (Ex-goddess) named Bacch

Baach-ism: This is the belief of cultists and Madusa, there are thousands of demonesses and just as many shrines dedicated to them, Bacch-ists often use sacrifices and drinking to call there goddesses to Serra to grant them wishes of what ever they wished. That is if they could sate the demoness’s wishes. The realm that the demonesses inhabit is called Treck, it is a blasted and scorched land.
Treck is a warped land of fire and haze, it is a realm where all the evil spirits go too, it is here that great demonesses were formed to serve for Baach. But much like on Serra, these demonesses create armies and battle amongst each other for power...and sometimes even join together under Bacch to attack the city of light up where Serra now lives!

Here is a list of the various Demonesses that rule in Treck:

Baach-Ruler of Treck, goddess of death and torment

Abdiela: Demon of Slavery
Abata: Demon of blood, rituals and sacrifice
Balaban: Demon of greed, gluttony, raping and pillaging (She is one of the more popular Demons.)
Feurety: Daughter of Baach- Demon of hellfire and wrath
Geryon: Guardian of Treck, a Dragon-centaur, slayer of a million challengers.
Inucuni: Demon of seduction and lies
Mania: Wife of Baach, Demon of confusion and insanity (Shes where the word Maniac comes from)
Nina: Demon of serpents and lizards
Pana: Demon of lust and sex
Sonnillon: Demon of hate and scorn
Tezrian: Demon of warfare and slaughter
The Un-Seer: Demon of dark sorcery and magic

Magic is a primary power to Serra, there are several main branches of magic, Fire, water, earth, air, black magic, white magic and nature, I'm sure your all familiar with these types of magic so I need not add more ^^

Enchantments are also made to help protect the user or summoner, enchantments can be mythical runes in guns or weapons, or stitched into clothes or magically bound to the user by a mage.

These magics are all over Serra, you cant go anywhere with out seeing the influence of magic there. Magic is channeled right from the goddesses or the faerie spirits that inhabit all of the women of Serra.

You cannot have warfare without weapons...And Serra is full of them, from simple medieval styled weapons like swords, knives, hammers, daggers, and maces they also have gunpowder weapons like Muskets or wheel-lock pistols. Cannons are also widely used both as field artillery and weapons aboard ships.

But unlike weapons of Earth thanks so the minds of Scientists and wizards they have been able t o create some fantastic out of this world weapons, such as steam powered tanks that use cannons and razor sharp edges to decimate forces. Also automated automatons or robots have been made for fighting or domestic uses.

The Countries
Matilda-One of the oldest Islands, Matilda is the home of the Human race, both wise and magical this island has been the birthplace of various technology’s and spells. Matilda is a banking and naval super power using its navy to solve it's military problems or it's power of blockade to crush a enemy. Matilda has always been allied with the oldest Island Serenia an island of elves and the home of the key religions. Being allied with Serenia they of course are Serra-ists too, and many priestesses world wide are humans.
Matilda also owns some key pieces of the Colonial isles, this has brought a lot of Fox girls and Bunny girls into Matilda. Also being the power that aided in the Molo revolution they have attracted mouse girls.
Matilda is formed by 13 kingdoms all under the orders of the Empress. Many of these states get along and happily accept the Empress as their leader. The Empress’s words are law…and much to the anger of the elves…her words are ‘Serra’s’ aswell.
The more famous kingdoms in Matilda are-
EasterReich-This is the Empresses own kingdom, their emblem is a great flaming phoenix over a burning anvil. (Helena’s insignia [See Goddesses])
SuddenStein-This kingdom is Matilda’s chief source of naval power, their emblem is a boat of a golden sea.
Tabbelreich-This kingdom is the only kingdom that regularly rebels against the Empress…they desire for freedom. They are known for their curly blonde hair, kilts, and skill with a two handed sword.

Marial-Marial is part of the third oldest and largest Island of Moriobolo....Marial is a beautiful and very egotistical super power, it's main populace is made of Cat-girls, so they are very egotistic and a agile military relying on small mobile groups to attack other armies. Like many countries they are Serra-ists and fiercely proud of it, willing to destroy or attack any Bacch-ist or cultist settlements. Seeing Matilda’s strength with it’s black powder weapons, the cat-girls added these weapons to their arsenal aswell, making them one of the few army’s that use them.
Marial is made up of 19 kingdoms…mostly these are independent factions, however war between them is minimal, thanks to knightly games they do instead of war. The kingdoms gather together annually and elect a Queen to lead their empire, whether to build it’s economy, or to go head a war.

Dolivia-The other half of Moriobolo is made up of the Dog-Girl country of Dolivia, the largest country with the biggest population, Dolivia is often ridiculed for being disjointed easy to taunt, and for being a backwards nations. Dolivia though in military standards is the strongest, with large numbers and skill, though their navy is almost none-existent. There army is mostly made up of heavy infantry and hard hitting cavalry. Gunpowder weapons have however just started to reach Dolivia and they have been slowly adapting it tot here army. Many Dolivian's are Serra-ists and often allow many priestesses and Temples to be built in there country. But some cities allow Bacch-ists to build cultist temples as well.
Dolivia is made up of thousands of clans, and not one is ever in charge, not sense the Birth, where it was mostly just empty plains and steppes, has this vast rugged landscape ever been under the rule of one power. It is impossible to name which one clan is strongest and rarely do these clans join together to go to war, preferring to battle independently.

Madusa-Madusa is the second oldest island, made up of Naga's and lizard girls, Madusa has been the center of all dark arts and is magically un-equaled, though the number of their populace is least of all others. The Madusan Navy is rather powerful do to the skill of their at navigating and the fact that most of them can simply swim onto the other boats to attack. In Masdusa there are hundreds of brutal cults that prey and receive power from various Demon goddesses who desire for lust, food and blood.

Serenia= Serenia is the oldest island and reguarded as the most beautiful. The inhabitants are peaceful and very religious elves. These woman protect there island well, using strong magic and battle skill. Serenia is the center of the Serranism religion headed by the 'Great mother' (Much like a pope)
Serenia is made up of the union of eleven city-states that have put their leaders into ‘The Council.’ The council is the center of Serenia’s religious and political figure heads.

Folora- Folora is the center island between the four great super powers thus making it prime property for getting foot holds on enemies...but also the island is rich with resources and farm land that all of the powers seek for, using this reason the four powers are at constant never ending war to gain complete control of the island. There are rarely any defined borders because they are constantly being moved by battles, it is said the fastest way to get money is to do work around Folora.
Folora used to be the seat of Dwarven power, this was the place where the great evil army of the 2nd year was smashed by the alliance…however when the wolf girls invaded they found it was easy pickings to destroy the poor weakened Dwarven girls…devouring and killing them all.

Colonial isles. "Much like Folora the super powers seek all kinds of ways to make wealth and the small tiny islands in the colonial region are perfect for exotic trades like sugar cane or fruits, as well as sources of fish and gold...many powers have seized and fight for islands, though Dolivian hasn’t claimed any islands as of yet but fight hard to get some. Bunny Girls, Cow Girls, and Fox girls also originate from the many isles of the many islands in the colonial region.

Molo- Molo is a tiny island of Mouse girls, recently having one it's independence from Marial who would brutally control the island. Matilda aided the island by giving them weapons and training this soured Marial's mood towards Matilda but helped Matilda to decrease Marial's strength. Molo isn't really a military power house nor an economic power, it's just one of the few islands besides the main super powers that has it's own independence
Molo is lead by the Shogen, she is a very prominent member of the aristocracy of Molo. Although Molo way have a physically weak army…they are well known for making black-powder weapon innovations and very skilled with magic.

Other information
Pregnancy: Yes women aren’t just poofed onto Serra, much like regular sex, the women press into each other and whoever impregnates the other, releases a specialized juice, that looks like goop gets sucked up into the other to start creating a baby.
The one that impregnates the other is called the Oma, while the woman gives birth is the Mother ^^

Vore: (The thing we all love) Vore is a natural occurrence for these girls that often come into fruition when girl reaches her fifth birthday this gift isn’t seen as Taboo but as a way to get food, sexual pleasure, or even part of religion. (Both on Serra' side and Bacch-ist)

Animals: even if there are half animal half people there are still regular animals, like deer, dogs, cats, they are all there.

Monsters= On Serra there are plenty of monsters, large bestial wolves, Kari's, centaurs,
many uncivil beasts willing to devour any passerby that threatens or suits there flavor.
Heres a small list of common monsters:
-Centaurs, Kari, typical forest animals...only huge (i.E. Boar/wolves.) Orcs, Goblins, Driders, ant-women, centipede girls, dragons, giants, wild plants, snakes, un-aligned nagas and lizards, furries.

Guilds= Like the medieval world there are many guilds here they are
-The merchants Guild = Each power has there own competing guilds that set fair prices on there goods, but also seperates the prices in area's where other guilds are present to help persuade customers over.
-The hero's Guild= The Hero's guild is a guild set up all around Serra (Except Madusa)
That take requests to help villages with there problems, they do not aid in the attacking of one country to another.
-The Warriors Guild= Like the hero's guild they take requests to help others...Only they do them for pay! There a mercenary group that WILL fight for countries against other ones.
-The Mage's guild= The mage's guild takes quests, sells enchantments and teaches others how to do profound and amazing spells. The mage's guild promotes peace and the growth of society as a group so they do not par take in wars...but will give spells to fighters or make spectacular weapons.

Aging-Aging in Serra is different then on earth. A girl ages normally like on earth, up until shes eighteen, then her aging slows down t keep the women more youthful. Some races have even slower aging, Elves can live for several hundred years, and nagas age slowly as well.
This is meant to be a Random character situational Rp character, but also if any characters that are wished to be made by others is happily accepted!
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