Top 10 personal favourite disney movies meme Picture

Ah Disney, the word conjures childhood memories and such.

I simply HAD to do this meme seeing as I have some favourite Disney films. I, being a 90s child have favourite Disney films from my time, before my time (my cousins had VHS of the older disney flicks) and even the present (the Pixar era). Now before we begin this countdown, I want to say these important notes:
-I am the sort of person who is a sane fan and has valid reasons for liking these films (like my favourite youtuber Melinapendulum, who is a fellow Disney fan and a SANE one) - maybe animation or music wise (I've taken up music- piano and choir to be exact and I love broadway like music numbers) without mindlessly going: Huuur it sucks LOL. Or ITZ THE BEST FILM EVURRR!!! Also: despite relating myself to a couple of the characters and feeling thier pain, I'm aware they are fictional and try not to live my life out like them.
-These are my PERSONAL FAVOURITE Disney films, NOT what you think is the best. I'm NOT forcing you to like or hate any film. If you want to make a list of your personal favourite Disney films, you can fill in the actual blank meme by
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