Ant worker. Picture

I did not know where this strange place was, but for some strange reason, this did not frighten me.
And since I was fairly sure that I would not find any answers staying where I were, I picked up my few belongings and was off.
I walked for what felt like hours through this strange new forest, where tall trees, devoid of bark and wholly green seemed to grow as one with the sponge-like ground, before I reached what looked like a road cutting through the otherwise uniform scenery.
I walked along it until the night came, and exhausted, I sat down, my rifle over my knees, and before I knew it, I was sleeping.
The next morning I was torn from my sleep by the sound of song and marching feet.
My instincts told me to run, but my curiosity got the best of me, and what I saw was beyond belief.
Huddling behind a rock, I saw them come around the bend.
They were taller than any men I had ever seen, clad in polished red and black armors, and over their shoulders they carried burdens many times larger than themselves.
The song they sang was In no language I had ever heard before, and it was clear that these creatures were not human, for even though their torsos seemed to be those of women, they had four legs, looking more like the mythological centaur than any thing else, and on their heads waved long antennae.
Then it struck me, those were ants!
I had not been transported to some strange world, I had merely shrunk!
Terrified, I crawled back behind my rock.
Obviously, there had to be something more to this...
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