Caladryd Picture

Caladryd :: The capitol of Beliethal, the distant continent where all mythological creatures were banished to centuries ago. Caladryd is a work of art - white marble pillars and terraces sit picturesquely amongst marbled pathways, autumn leaves, elaborate gardens, small waterfalls, pools, and streams. Every inch of the city (and the entirety of Beliethal, for that matter) is pulsing with magic, especially in comparison to to the other continent of Temma. The capitol is ruled by an assembly of the royalty of every peaceful species in Beliethal, from fairies and nymphs to giants, dwarves, centaurs and satyrs. The elven royalty preside over all the others, however, as the higher king and queen of Beliethal.

-Lylo, Beliethal's royal advisor and the most magically powerful person on Temma, although it's said he was once just a frog. Mysterious and mostly taciturn. Always speaking in riddles.
-Rhonwyn, elder of the two elven princesses. Delicate, dainty, calm, softspoken, and an all-around perfect proper lady. She's used to getting what she wants (although she's hardly a spoiled brat) and can't really grasp why some people are unhappy. Her general opinion on any given situation is that everyone just needs to calm down.
-Efayenne, the younger of the elven princesses. Unlike her sister, she's more used to fighting for the things she wants, and never hesitates to stand up for herself. A part-time archer and part-time spellcaster who's known to wander the city and, more often than not, get into mischief. She's not very talkative, and rarely shows her emotions to anyone, choosing instead to be alone to daydream. In love with the prince of a far-off country.
-Artolian, a royal elven guard who has his work cut out for him between the two princesses. A quiet, poetic type who much prefers staying in the capitol with his lady than and escorting royalty or going off to battle. He balances his skills between a bow and a sword, and even though he's not fond of fighting, his skills are nothing to laugh at.

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