Proxy Blood - Snard Picture

race: Pacific Troll
age: 28
height: 7'7"
weight: 460 pounds
homeland: Lake Taupo, Aotearoa

Unusually mellow for a troll, he'd rather not get involved, but as it happens, he's the strongest, and the best hope his people have. After defeating several forest trolls and a jungle troll, and outmaneuvering scads of mountain trolls, he isn't terribly keen on elevating their status, but the continuation of his pleasurable lifestyle would be severely hampered if some of the other combatants win, so he's giving it a bash.

When he wins, he sets up a reform program for trolls, taught under the best centaur scholars. With no more human villages to ravage, they find it's easier to channel their brutishness into hard work. Soon things are very nearly back the way they were before, but for none so much as Snard himself, who retires back to his island home in peace.

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