DEATH Colossus Picture

Death Colossus I envisioned a Rifts Death Colossus a dark female shadow being with all the embodiment of the forms
that Death symbolize a Scorpions tail a valkyries upper body in armor and scandinavian death god feel adding elk horns, lower body that of the Mythological anthropomorphic centaur the embodiment of death knowledge, science,and all manner of necromantic death is within this being, apon the lowerbody,I added the cow texture apon this Colossus because the cow can be seen as madness as well as life. a Scythe to carve rifts and call the tentacled tendrils That she holds power over.
The traveler seen in lower left near the Scythe is lost within the Plane of death disconnected from his companions stumbles into this very powerful Monstrous beatuy.near a death pool.

*Side note.
(for those of you that know my work, i perfer CGI 3D program mediums like Zbrush, 3Dmax C4d, Vue, This work Death Colossus was made in Zbrush,and worked on in C4D,
background & forground Death Plane made in Vue 9 ,and the entire work was postworked in Photoshop CS3 useing from the moive 300, the DRAGAN Effect a 2D digital painting technique started by Polish artist Andre Dragan and mixed .
useing air brush filter and composite rendered layers.
on a document paper size of 1920x1350 900 px.
All done by me Crom131 a.k.a (Brujo) i hope you all enjoy this Original work. it was fun and a joy to do as well.
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