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Oh my lord this took forever. So the story behind this ghoul is the Mad T Party fandom on tumblr got me hooked on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and I wanted to make a caterpillar centauroid. During the Red Queen's reign, Absalom took his daughter to the Overworld to be spared from the Queen's oncoming wrath. He dropped her off at an adoption agency, leaving only a little teapot charm around her neck on a thin chain. The Greyfells adopted her after Evanna Greyfell discovered she was infertile and they walked in while Rosamund was going through the process of registration. She took to them immediately and within a few weeks she was theirs. She doesn't know her real father, and occasionally has visions of Underland before she stows them away in the back of her mind. I couldn't find any caterpillar monsters; the closest I came was a mutant mollusk from the 1957 "The Monster Who Challenged The World". Being adopted by centaurs, her names, first and last, are equine in meaning. Rosamund is derived from hros meaning horse and mund meaning protection. And Greyfell (also known as Grani) is the name of the Norse mythology hero, Sigurd's horse.

Rosamund Greyfell
Age 16
Adopted Daughter of the Centaurs (Biological Daughter of Absalom The Caterpillar [Alice in Wonderland])

Killer Style: What I call hippie-punk. Baggy, easy to move in clothing with lots of colors strangely go well with studs, leather, piercings, and my tattoos.
Freaky Flaw: Sometimes I see and hear things others can’t, even when I insist they’re there. I’m also kind of spacey, always zoning in and out and losing focus on the task at hand.
Favorite Color: Magenta, black, and teal
Favorite Food: Raspberry tea and all-lettuce salad. Mom makes them the best.
Biggest Pet Peeve: My parents being so insistent on me doing more sports. Archery practice every day may build up muscles, but it hurts my arms. And drama drives me mad, especially from ghouls who take it to the extreme.
Favorite Activity: Sitting in my room in peace and quiet, and playing my keyboard. Simple melodies are very soothing and I like to make up lyrics to instrumental songs in movies and TV shows.
Pet: I have a married couple, a dormouse named Mallymkun and a Belgian hare named Thackery. My boys are too sweet and can’t stay away from each other.
Favorite School Subject: Biteology and Music. I love insects (the little ones) and want to become an entomologist.
Least Favorite School Subject: Creative Writing. I’m not good with words and tend to make up my own to show what I mean, which usually gets me in trouble and I have to do a LOT of rewriting.
After-Ghoul Job: I'm a "sales associate" at Dad's health and fitness store. It sells vitamins and organic energy drinks and stuff. Folks come up to me all the time about which protein shake will get them to beef up or ghouls wanting to know how little a day they can eat without feeling light-headed or passing out. Dude, I just work the register, stock shelves, and price everything. I have no clue.
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