My First Fight. Picture

When two myths collide, disaster strikes.

"I was going on an early hunt, he came out of no where. His stare piercing, his size very respectful, and no doubt he was stronger than me. "
"Thou, I am a prince, I shall have no fear. How would father think if I ran, or would he be mad because I fight foolishly?. No matter, I shall strike, will all my might.

"The fight was going well, I grew confidence, until the moment happens. Suddenly, he grabs my lock of hair and pulls out a large mace, hoping to finish me, once and for all.

Then fear swallowed my courage.I no longer wanted to fight. I clawed his torso, hoping for him to release me. It work, the mighty beast let go, I darted the opposite direction. What didn't goes as plan it that the centaur,Swung his mace at me before I took off... he hit me in the rib cage.
The pain was terrible, but I got up and ran... ran until I dropped."
When I woke up, I was home, laying in the den My father was looking down at me, The light was blinding, I could not see his expression. Was he mad, sad, disappointed, frighten, or proud.?
I still don't know till this day. "

But her this. I will be ready next time, Ive learned my lesson.
I shall show that Centaur a thing our two, about fighting the future King of the Sphinxes, and chief Guardian of Ancient Egypt."
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