Fire Starter - Charcolt Picture

Species: Charcolt
Type: fire/Rock
Evolves into: (final stage = magma/golem centaur)

Height: 2'11"
Weight: 75 lbs (all that rock!)

Note: Did get lazy on the right leg .... hehehe ... might eventually fix that. :> And its eyes are too anime ish for me ... So! Back to figuring them out >.<

Fakemon based on greek mythology + magma rocks

Information: Charcolt cannot run on all fours like their higher evolution, and because of this they are often carried by their family members during migration season. When the cold winters come they prefer to move to warmer climates to keep their lava golem hearts warm.

Charcolt love to eat any sort of rock to melt it down into hotter magma. When eaten enough rock and harnessed enough heat they can finally evolve into Coltier (2nd stage).
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