Book Wolrds Picture

I've spent the last few days thinking of happier times, like the ones when I was around ten years old, and was able to jump right inside the world any book would offer me. I can feel the warmt from those days just by thinking about it, so this came out quite easy. Also I wanted to depict myself as the child I used to be, sort of as a self reminder about not losing my own essence and trying to make the true me come out again.
The characters and objects in the "cloud" came out by themselves from the doodle...I'm not quite sure about what some of them are or to wich story they belong, but here's a list of some sort:

-The little elves that helped the shoemaker. (Don't know how the story's called in english, but it's a quite popular one)
- A wolf howling to the moon, don't know where that one came from.
- A pixie.
- A Castle. Pretty old school fairytale.
- Lord of the Rings' Hobbit House and the One Ring.
- Harry Potter's Owl with Hogwarts Acceptance letter (still waiting...)
- A unicorn of course.
- An enchanted forest.
- The sword in the stone.
- A mermaid.
- A centaur.
- A locket.
- A Banshee.
- David the Gnome <3

Hope you like it.
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