Hippalectryon Picture

This creature is pretty new to me. A few weeks ago, I got a comment on my drawings with the three types of greek myth centaurs and the commenter, Shadowulf1, asked if I was going to draw a hippalectryon. I never even heard of the creature until I looked at the art link he posted in his comment. I was very intriguied. I was fascinated to see a mythological animal that was almost like a reverse hippogriff! After seeing the artwork, I knew exactly how I wanted this animal to look. The coloration is very much like a regular rooster, while only the hind legs and hind quarters are like those of a rooster. I decided to make the horse's mane go upwards like a cock's comb, and the tail go upwards like a rooster's tail as well. I'm not sure if they should lay eggs or give birth to live young....eh, details...LOL!
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