Color Book - Hydra Picture

(English Down)
**ACT. 16-Agosto-2010. Lineart corregido**
Ilustración que forma parte de un proyecto escolar enfocado a niños, concretamente un libro para colorear. Sientanse libres de usarla si les gusta y marquen como favorito, y no se la roben. ¡Gracias!

Colección “Mythica – Libro de colorear”
Bruja -----------> [link]
Caballero -----> [link]
Centauro -------> [link]
Cerbero ----> [link]
Dragón ------> [link]
Elfo ---> [link]
Enano ---> [link]
Fenix ---> [link]
Gárgola ---> [link]
Genio ---> [link]
Grifo ---> [link]
Hada---> [link]
Mago ---> [link]
Minotauro ---> [link]
Ogro ---> [link]
Pegaso ---> [link]
Princesa ---> [link]
Quimera ---> [link]
Sirena ---> [link]
Troll ---> [link]
Unicornio ---> [link]

**UPDATE Aug 16th, 2010. Lineart fixed.**
Ilsutration made for a school project, specifically a coloring book. Feel free to take and color it. In Exchange, mark as favourite/leave comments and links of what you did with it. And don’t forget to give me proper credits. If you steal, you will die of cancer.
Many thanks!

Other characters from Mythica-Coloring book
Centaur -------> [link]
Cerberus ----> [link]
Chimera ---> [link]
Dragon ------> [link]
Dwarf ---> [link]
Elf ---> [link]
Fairy ---> [link]
Fenix ---> [link]
Gargoyle ---> [link]
Genie ---> [link]
Griffin ---> [link]
Knight -----> [link]
Mermaid ---> [link]
Minotaur ---> [link]
Ogre ---> [link]
Pegasus ---> [link]
Princess ---> [link]
Troll ---> [link]
Unicorn ---> [link]
Witch -----------> [link]
Wizard ---> [link]
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