A Nymph Goes Abroad...Sort of Picture

Everyone, I would like you to meet a new little OC of mine named Melite, a forest nymph with a passion for adventure and archery. I'm really not certain as to what I would do for a story for her, but I do have some small ideas. She is a nymph that seeks adventure and thrills across the land. And meets her centaur husband, Arsenios, along the way. Melite is a rather quirky, adventurous, if a little bit cocky character. Where she is optimistic, her husband is much more realistic. She often teases him when she feels he is being a stoic stick in the mud, but none can deny that she loves him to death, even if he is half horse, which occasionally makes their relationship somewhat awkward, especially when explaining it to others or being around humans. Pictured here from left to right is Melite before she goes off on her journeys amongst her fellow nymphs, Melite along her journeys in simple garb and with a trusty bow and arrow, and finally, Melite in her wedding gown. I honestly couldn't resist.

Created using Azalea's Dolls Goddess Maker.

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