Midgard - Hrimthurs Picture

a.k.a: Frost Giants

These semi-sapient "bugs" are twice the size of their relatives, the Midgardians. They are the equivalent of Earth's Gorillas. But instead of living in jungles, they reside in subarctic forests north of the sea where they feed on the vegetation but primarily on Fisks. Their scythe shaped fingers are well designed for hooking up the slippery swimmers from shallow waters of the sea or in the few remaining rivers that flow from the ice caps during the summer.

Unlike the Midgardians, Hrimthurs are not threatened by many predators once they've grown to adulthood. So their long-distance antannae (the ones covered with hair) are aimed towards the ground to better pick up scents of their food. Their long legs allow them to cover large distances by walking in their search for that scarce food. Groups are made up of lone males (or occasional brothers) at the head of several females. The accordion-like organ of the male can provide loud noises that help establish its territory towards other males.

"Both the Frost Giants from Age of Mythology and the movie Thor were some source of inspiration for these creatures. I wanted to make them look less intelligent than Midgardians but more menacing. So I made their faces less human and longer. I think this animal would look more impressive if I made a colored version that showed how bright blue and big they can get. The original design was much more different and was more inspired by the Centaur. It was brown colored with purple tips with a flat head with a serrated tongue that sticked out (like the Arrowtongue), a soft body and elongated double fingered hands. Finally, the large spike of the back of the Hrimthurs' body is reminescent of the long fleshy tail of the original design.

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