Wonderwoman sketches Picture

The recent take on the Amazon proncess is really good. it may be to early to tell but i loved tht the greek mythology and monsters like centaurs are mixed into it. Also, Cliff Chang is drawing it in a slightly different sketchy version of his style which is SUPERB. ALso, the colours are amazing. without this tyupe of colouring, it woudnt be the book it is.

there is a ink splotch on the right top hand corner of the ppage. that is an ink splodge from a previous sketch on another page that seeped through all the pages. I need a new book.

Here I sketched Mercury ripping it, Apollo, Mount Olympus with a stairway tht is impaired witha splodge of ink, The girl in the current storyline witha key , Diana herself, and afew Centaurs.

Done with Hero Pen.
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