Megaman X Hara Collides: Mavericks Picture

Original Game of my creation, Megaman X: Hara Collides , Maverick Bosses:

The Normal 4:

1- Beam Butterfly: Uses wide variety of laser based attacks and hypnotic beam and illusions.

2- Crystal Devil (Thorny Devil): Uses Piercing crystal attacks and shields, very tough armor, can cover himself in very dangerous crystal spikes.

3- Force Scarab: Manipulates gravity and has limited electrokinesis, can use gravity to attract you to him and bite you with his pincers.

4- Chemical Scorpion: Uses toxic and radioactive chemicals, on an inhospitable environment uses treadmills on his feet to move around.

The Mythological 4:

5- Pyro Centaur: Flame and elevated heats maverick, with a strong charge attack, uses Fire sword and shield.

6- Echo Gryphon: Sound-based maverick, can blast powerful sonic waves and create sonic shields, and send the sonic emitter on his tail to do some damage or to swipe the whole area.

7- Shadow Unipeg: Darkness maverick with the ability to fire motion seeking horns from his head surrounded with a dark aura. Very agile, can fly and leap swiftly in the air.

8- Cryo Phoenix: Ice Maverick, can fire shards of ice and ice beams that freeze everything, great flyer.

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