The Inner Being Merge Picture

This is a Selephorei Sapiozen a Merge of a Human's Will Desires and Ideals with a Seraphoenite's Aura body and Ambitions. My inner being is a mythological creature known as the "Seraphoenite" which mixes an angel, dragon, serpent, griffin, phoenix and usually a centaur a chimera composed of other mythological creatures however this being is mixed with me and my symbol the Solifugae([link]) and ascends to become Selephorei Sapiozen. This being doesn't require to feed physically it draws in the will and aura of all things around it, not to an extent that it would weaken them, however when attacking it may do so then release concentrated amounts of energy to disperse it's foes as ions. While it breathes it releases patches into the ozone layer resabilizing the earth's atmosphere and reinforcing it. It's ultimate desire is to make fair all things in this world and destroy all corruption.

Selephorei Sapiozen, Seraphoenite and the Story (C) James Anthony Edwards 6/5/2012
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