Okapitaur Sheet Picture

Griffins are my favorite mythological animal, but they are hard to draw.
So anyway, Okapitaurs are a race of creatures that reside on the lightly forested Plains of Nold. They're culture and way of life is very much like a stereotypical Great Plains American Indian culture, with tribes, tepees, blah blah blah. Being okapis, they associate themselves with O-Kapi, the God of Death (and therefore their symbol is the symbol of Typhon, O-Kapi's daddy-poo and Major God of Evil; but they aren't evil). The young-uns are quite small, but once they are about 30 they are full-sized, which is slightly taller than your average centaur. Every now and then, a tribe of okapitaurs may go into battle, but it isn't super often, since they prefer peace over violence (similar to Typhon, who hates violence).

Sorry that the picture is so dark, for some reasons I couldn't get Ulead to darken the colored pencil without darkening the white paper too (and contrast, though it made the paper white, made too much of the coloring white). On the bottom left is something I'm going to finish later; a child scolding a butterfly, because the butterfly stole his bag of money! Oh noes!

Drawn in pencil and colored in colored pencil (obviously). Lettering done on Ulead.

Soviet Russiac Okapitaurs (c) 2007 Me.
Centaurs (c) ? Greece.
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