Chicken Lady Picture

Ooccoo, from Twilight Princess. I'll be honest, when I first saw this character, I thought she was ultra-creepy. I saw her in the instruction booklet and just flipped out. I mean, I guess the initial shock of a strange chicken with a lady's head kinda caught me off guard. But as the game went on, I actually came to like this character, and her design. When you think about it, the mythologies of many ancient cultures are filled with creatures who are composed of strange mixtures of human and animal parts. A lion with a human's head, or a humanoid with a bull's head, or a horse with a whole human torso and upwards where just its head should be, might indeed seem utterly strange to us now, if the sphynx, minotaur and centaur had not survived the ancient times to become part of our popular culture. So why should a chicken with a human's head seem so strange? I think the Oocca are very reasonable mythological creatures... like many ancient myths, they have an element of strangeness and oddity which makes them a bit unnatural, but therefore all the more mythical and otherworldly, as legendary creatures should be.

Ooccoo Jr, though, he's a bit odd.
I still really wish the game had told us more about the Oocca, other than just some general legends and rumors, which were never confirmed or resolved... we didn't find out much about them at all, and even when Link was among them, there was hardly any communication with them... which was rather disappointing. I love learning about different cultures, both real and fictional. I wanted to learn about chicken people, gosh darnit. But I didn't. Maybe in a future game.

Well anyway, not much to say about the pic itself. The sketch is months old, but I just decided to do the lineart and coloring now. The coloring almost makes it look like this could be a Wind Waker version of her.

Ooccoo (c) Nintendo
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