A GENIA guide to... Picture

IMPORTANT While beings can be taken to mean pretty much anything, it refers to mythological or ancient beings that have either died off due to the modern age and lack of believers (as well as other factors), or gone into hiding.
(IE, Djinn, Centaurs, etc. etc. Basically anything from any Mythology.)


Today I woke up and said "Hey. I want to do some Worldbuilding today and flesh out Noita-verse a bit."

But my verse is too DI-verse to be a one day bit. (Sorry for the pun) So I decided on getting back on GENIA a bit. I doodled some more designs, and came up with this monster. This explains the sheets I've uploaded a bit more, eh?

I can't wait to get more about GENIA up! Seriously! Although, I am worried it's becoming a bit too "Manga-ish". Meh, it works for me, and that's what counts, eh?

I thought the group names were hilarious! XDDDDD A "book of matches" and a "deck of jacks" sound REAL scary, huh? And a "session of splits"... Well, I assume any Split will need SOME therapy sessions!

Tell me if you find any spelling/grammar errors please. :3 I didn't have spellcheck and it's tomorrow already.

(c) ME
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