Mythic Creatures and Their Riders Picture

So before I made my final decision of what to draw for Kali's tournament, I thought about a few other possibilities I could do. I made my decision pretty quickly, but I still wanted to sketch some of the other choices. If you can't tell, I really love the idea of medieval tournaments with mythological creatures for mounts.

Anywho, some of the things I came up with are (left to right):

Nessie ridden by Flatwoods monster - Because seriously, they would make the best cryptid pair.

Lung ridden by Garuda - Both the Eastern duo and the aerial duo- I thought it would be cool to have a flying mount, as well as a rider that could fly; jumping off his mount and jumping back on in mid-flight during battle. In this scenario, the garuda could also be swapped with a tengu.

Manticore ridden by Werewolf - The speedy duo! Also, the werewolf has a whip.

Centaur ridden by Centaur - I had to. I just had to.
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