No Sympathies: Keryon Picture

"'Behold the beast who bears the pointed tail, who crosses mountains, shatters weapons, walls!  Behold the one whose stench fills all the world!'"

~ Virgil, The Divine Comedy

~ ~ ~

Like Cerberus, Medusa, the Furies, the Minotaur, and the centaurs (including Chiron and Nessus), Geryon is a Greco Roman monster that Dante used to pad out the ranks of Hell in The Divine Comedy.  Like Cerberus (and unlike the others listed), Dante heavily altered Geryon's appearance in the poem itself.  Greco Roman Geryon was a giant with three heads or, in some takes, three entire torsos, arms, heads, and all.  Geryon in Dante is a dragon bodied, lion legged, scorpion tailed, human faced chimera.  Unlike Cerberus, there isn't a demon with a different name that matches his description enough for me to merge the two.

So I made up a new name for Geryon just for No Sympathies, because I don't like co-opting Greek mythology in my Abrahamic mythology stew.  "G" is phonetically close to "K," and Keryon sounds like "Carry on," which is funny because Dante and Virgil ride on Geryon's back in the Divine comedy.  He carries them!  On!  To the center of Hell!

Keryon is a messenger/herald, and works for demons from all the layers of Hell even though he's technically only a subordinate of Sheol.  He's a pretty chill dude, much like his literary counterpart.
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