Where is my mind? Picture

Get a life? Pfft, I've got several!

These are basically all the major projects I've got going either in some form or on the back-burner in my head.

Top Left: The Roosterverse
These guys are from the universe that "Rick and Rooster" takes place in. From left to right: The Emporer Penguin, Leslie, Rooster, Rick, Boss, Icis, Doctor Chaotic. I did debate about separating Doctor Chaotic, as his story is largely separate to that of Rick and Rooster, but his story is within the same universe and is built upon the same mythology, with the shady RQE Corp being a big part of the story.

Top Right: Pony Comics
There's two main separate things here. Firstly, and obviously is the Behind the Scenes Sibsy comics, represented by Wild Fire (Sibsy) and Snowdrop (Raven). Trust me, there's more of those comics on the way.
The other is an ask tumblr I do of LeoRoivas's OC, Pillow Case. Currently just 30 followers, but still, feel free to check that out and send some questions in Pillow Case's direction!

Bottom Left: Spectrum Universe
These are the characters from this big epic series I'm planning to develop over the next few months/years/whatever, about these three kids who go out to try and stop a war using this old magical object. Wow. When I put it like that, it doesn't sound original at all. Oh well, originality's in the detail. When you generalise every story it ends up as "People do stuff", so screw it, it's original enough for now.

Bottom Right: Not Quite Dead
Yes, it's these guys - probably my longest running project that isn't This is Normal. Taylor, Nicole, Joshua and Phil have been around since 2008. I really want to do some more work and get volume four of NQD done at some point, but it could be a while. Maybe I'll be able to get it done when I'm at uni.

And This is Normal is represented by me drawing on the cintiq at the bottom.
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