The Three Great Demon God Brothers Picture

The title of Great Demon God is something that isn't given freely to any average Demon God. It is a title that denotes that a Demon God is greater than the rest due to their power and their heritage. They are some of the most powerful demonic beings in the universe. Their power is so great that it is only rivaled by amongst themselves. Only a few so far have been bestowed with such a title. Most of which have been imprisoned after the Titanomachy, however there are whispers that some that still remain. While most of these are unfounded myths, there are however three such beings that are confirmed to be free and continuing their evil. In fact, not only are these three confirmed to be free, they are considered the three most powerful Great Demon Gods of all. Them being called as such is not an exaggeration just because they are the only ones that are confirmed to be left. It is something that they were born as and earned as well. These three are called the Three Great Demon God Brothers.

Vultorturous: Eldest of the Three Great Demon God Brothers, this colossal insect-like bird Demon God is known as the High Torturer. He is a sadistic being that lives only for torture and destruction. He is a complete psychotic sociopath with little to no empathy for others. He is considered the strongest of the three Demon God brothers due to his age and powers. His cult is not exactly the most numerous or the most organized due to his nature, but it however consists of the most sadistic and powerful of demonic races.

Koruptipus: Middle child of the Three Great Demon God Brothers, this huge slimy mollusk-like Demon God is known as the Deep Corrupter. He is an insidious being that prefers to corrupt and infect the universe like a cancerous tumor. He is somewhat of a recluse, preferring the shadows rather than the spotlight for various reasons. This however doesn't take away his infamy. It instead adds to it making him seen as an unknown lurking horror. Despite being seen as such and being the second of three Demon God brothers, he is however considered the weakest of the three by many. This is because in doing his unique style of evil, his own personal powers stagnated long enough for the powers of his younger brother to develop and become more powerful than his to a degree. Despite this though, it is widely believed that Koruptipus would win in a one on one match with his younger brother due to having quantity over quality in the abilities department. His cult is the most widespread of the three Demon God brothers and the most secretive, though it is not larger or more powerful than his brothers' own cults.

Akgrizzleos: Youngest of the Three Great Demon God Brothers, this gigantic centaur-like Demon God is known as the Tyrant Conqueror. He is a demonic ruler on an unholy crusade to conquer the universe in order to fix what he sees as it being in a chaotic state. He is unlike his two older brothers and other Demon Gods in general. He is often seen as being more mortal-like due to having fewer abilities than regular Demon Gods. In a fair fight against one of his older brothers, it is believed by many that he'd lose to them more on the fact that he has less abilities than them. He however makes up for all of it with his demonic horde, the Abaddon Ordu. The horde is the largest gathering of demons ever known and is more an army than of a cult.

These three are considered by most as the greatest evils in the universe and are often the main major agendas the Gods deal with. Due to the way they operate and who their father is, they are sometimes seen as the shadow archetypes of the sons of the Titan Cronus. Which Great Demon God Brother is an shadow archetype to which son of Cronus somewhat differs a bit in opinion, however it is somewhat clear to most who can be seen as a shadow archetype to which. All this however carries a bit of horror. If the Three Great Demon God Brothers can be seen as shadow archetypes to the sons of Cronus, then that means that people see them comparable to the most powerful Gods in the universe.

Part of the success of these three as being such vile beings originates from what happened in the Titanomachy. Prior to the primordial war, there were several Demon Gods roaming the universe and causing all sorts of evil. What each one did usually differed from one another and thus they all pretty much occupied their own separate little niche in the universe. When the war happened however, they were all forced by powers greater than them to abandon their original modi operandi and destroy everything and everyone that was around them. In response to all this chaos, a huge majority if not most of these Demon Gods were imprisoned after the war. Since they were imprisoned, there was several huge power vacuums that were left. While many of the demon spawn of the original Demon Gods tried to fill in the vacuums with varying success, a great number of the vacuums were ultimately hostilely filled in by the Three Great Demon God Brothers. To many demons, these brothers were the answer after their original masters were imprisoned. To everyone else, they were a greater horror than what those original Demon Gods were.

Another part of their success and another reason why these three are called Great Demon God, is because of their father. The demonic being that spawned them was a beyond massive eldritch abomination unlike any other Demon God in existence. Their father was pretty much something that even Demon Gods feared. He was a being with powers greater than them all. Thus simply being related to this thing carried a lot of fear and respect among demons as it meant that not only did anyone related it carry the genes of such a monster, but also that anyone related to it was pretty much the closest thing to that thing still being free. For the Three Great Demon God Brothers, they had much more than simply that riding for them. They were all acknowledged by their father himself as his sons instead of just some random demon spawn that their father created but didn't favor. For demons and pretty much everyone else, this meant that such a monstrosity saw something special in these three specific brothers. Whatever their father saw in each of them to acknowledge them as his sons, it all ultimately means that they each have the potential of being just as terrifying as their father. Their father, a being that was the major pivot in the Titanomachy, Typhon.
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