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Just a dump of some personal work I've been doing since college started. Surprisingly, this one contains some original characters that aren't linked to a fandom! (Shocker!!)

1) A set of anthropomorphic characters. One of the classes I have to take is art history. I try to pay attention, really, but a lot of my notes turn to doodles. For all but the dolphin (Fresco) they look better in my notebook...The lion is Chip and his basic backstory was that he was from the original line of pharaohs and was supposed to be a promised one of sorts for some reason. Heru, the Hawk lady, was based off of Horus, a character who was believed to carry the pharaoh into the afterlife every night (I believe). Heru was tasked with guarding Chip. Miu is simply a cat girl, possibly a fangirl of Chip's, IDK I never really thought of her backstory...
The dolphin is Fresco and she's probably my favorite...She was based off of the dolphin fresco found in Pompeii. No real backstory, she's just supposed to be a character I can try things with. Like animating.

2) Harpies! I have this terrible addiction to starting challenges and never finishing them. I started the Monster Girl challenge and got as far as centaur before giving up. I like the Harpy girl though. The one one the left is the first one I did and the right the second. I prefer the body of the first, but the face of the second...I also love the shirt "I Don't Give A Flock"
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