Priestess of Chaos Picture

A complete revamp of a very old OC of mine - Akira: [link] (Beware the sucky old art, lul).

Here are her new stats:

Name: Melae - derived from Melaena, meaning 'black'.
Gender: Female
Age: None
Species: Sphinx (horse/panther/raven)
Personality: Cold yet passionate, she is the harbinger of chaos. She is not evil, simply twisted by her powers. She neither deeply loves nor deeply hates anything, and her agelessness has made her indifferent to most mortal plights or joys.
Other: The chaos Melae controls must be tempered. Thus, her existence is tied to that of the being that brings balance. Her name is Danae, and she is known as the Divinity of Grace. She is not a Sphinx but a centaur, whose footsteps mend broken stones and trampled flowers and whose voice alone can heal the souls of hundreds. If Melae is a predator, then Danae is the Huntress, come to quell her riots.

-Based slightly on Greek mythology
-Chaos aura
-Can control fire, ice, and lightning (chaotic elements)
-Very much nocturnal


Art, OC (c) moi
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