do you ever make decisions Picture

no ;_;

Considering adjusting Hati's design a bit, closer to what it originally was when I thought of her some concept sketches ago. She was supposed to register visually as a white horse, but a plain white horse didn't really interest me, especially since her armor would end up being the opposite color which would create a lot of odd contrast and attention on a horse with no white markings (Hati is the name of the wolf who chases the moon in Nordic mythology, I'm sure you all know, so the black needed to come in somewhere and I like the yin-yang element of it). But the appaloosa design, while neat in concept and probably more than suitable for a generic centaur, was too far away from the symbolism I was going for. She ended up being too evenly black and white, I'm thinking. Couldn't tell at a glance whether she was the black wolf or the white one. Plus it was really flashy and super busy for someone as... simple as Hati is, personality wise. Didn't... quite fit right.

So here's an attempt at simplification. Idk. Thoughts anyone? Still pretty on the fence about it.

Also hoof feathers because what isn't made better with hoof feathers, I mean really

Any changes made will be purely physical, nothing about her personality will change, and her ref will be updated as necessary, I hope that's alright
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