Greek Ocs Picture

Here are some of my Greek Ocs The first one is jsut a Race of people while the rest are monsters.
Dryg Satyr: a cross between a normal Satyr & the old look that fell to the way side for looking like a man with a horse tail. (kinda like the look for chiron that looked like a man with a horse comeing out of his butt) Not sure how he is going ot be differint then normal Satyrs but I partly named him after Dryads.
Goblin centaur: an evil twisted moster of a centaur Try to think of the Legend of how some Elves were twisted into the first Orcs.
Arachne's Gaurd: the Faithful guard to the queen of the Spiders. this monster has no real name & was born to guard Arachne.
Demagus:was Created using Dark Magic on some of Pegasus’ Feathers to make an evil Double to match his rider Flareis.

all these belong to me
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