The Somber Faun With No Name Picture

Here's a refined doodle that I did during class last week. I really, really, really like him... There's something about this faun that's just... so... lovable. Originally, I had no intention of making him look so sad and solemn. But, he does. And I just want to just march up and throw my arms around him, give him a crushing hug, and tell him that everything will be all right. :'3

I'd love to keep this guy around... design him further. He's so lovely. I can imagine him as a very quiet individual... Maybe even a mute. Which would be interesting, because the stereotypical goatman often has a pan flute... If he has no voice, music could be his way of communication. Maybe he's a spirit of nature whose forest is rumored to 'sing,' when really he's playing his flute...?

I'm not sure of a name that would suit him. Suggestions, anyone?
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