The Elite of Six: Strength Picture

The fifth one from the Elite of Six.

This one's model comes from the mythology of Finland; the horse in the picture is referring to the horse of the woman of Hiisi (Hiidenakka in Finnish). The legend tells that the woman owned a huge and powerful grey horse with it's mane and tail in fire. It's hooves were made of steel and in the legend it's said to be the fastest animal of the world. You could tame it with golden bridle, but you must never take them off not even for a second because it will immediately escape and run to it's mistress. It resembles a lot about the legendary horses from the sea which could be also tamed with golden bridle.
I made his human body very muscular (or I tried) and with the weapon I was finally able to make one I had wanted for a long time: an absolutely enormous, bright red axe. <3 So love. The handle is golden (but also transparent since I didn't want his muscles to go for a waste xD) and silvery from up. I'm glad I got to make the weapon so great.
I was very scared sketching the flames of his head and tail. It took lots lots of time but finally they were done, and I've got lots of good feedback about them, so I guess they were a success.
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