Surtr Picture

Surtr, as he appears in one of the arcs in season 3 of my story. Loosely based on the fire giant of Norse Mythology by the same name.

Surtr is a "Supreme God" (Working title). While there are lower gods who were once souls (Such as the Egyptian gods, Greek gods and Demon Gods/Hell Gods) the Supreme Gods were on a completely different level and existed before anything else.

Unlike normal ones who could be destroyed by some means or another, Supreme Gods like Surtr are completely immortal and will exist for all time.

The First Evil [link] is actually a member of the Supreme Gods and (surprise surprise) represents ALL evil.

Surtr is the Supreme God of not just all Fire, but all Heat in the entire universe (From the tiniest flame to the largest of Stars). While there ARE many lower gods who represent Fire, Surtr is the only true fire god and without his blessing they would be powerless.

His equally powerful rival is Ymir, who stands opposite to him as being the Supreme God of all cold in the universe.
It is said that in the time before our known Universe existed, the Supreme Gods waged war upon each other which resulted in the "Big Bang" after this happened they realized that they were unable to ever truly kill one another and that their fighting was pointless and separated themselves from one another.

The SGs are able to take on physical forms to interact with lesser beings, but most of the time they remain in forms that we (Especially us) would be unable to see.
As pictured, Surtr's form was somewhat inspired by Berial from Devil May Cry 4. He has a Centaur-like body (though instead of Horse it's more like a spiky/rocky dragon/demon) with 4 legs and 4 arms. He has a great fiery mane that runs down his back and wields the eternal flame at the tip of his tail, as well as his great blade Muspell which is said to be able to split planets.

In his Physical form hes a bit bigger then the largest of the Titans on God of War (Atlas??)

He makes his first actual appearance in my story some time after the "Loki Arc" Having been drained of a majority of his power, Loki tries to summon the great god Surtr to descend from his fiery realm and squash Cain like a bug.

Surtr is summoned in his Physical form and approaches the mountain top altar where Loki and Cain are. It appears as though Surtr indeed intends to crush Cain (whom he threatens) but when Cain stands up to him he is impressed by his bravery and tells the two that he never really intended to fight but rather he was simply bored and wanted to find out who had summoned him.

As he casually leaves Loki becomes enraged and demands an explanation, to which Surtr replies that he owes no explanation, especially to someone as weak and puny as Loki.

Because Surtr is one of the Supreme Gods who are the most powerful entities in the Universe its very likely that had he indeed intended to fight he would have been able to crush Cain (as well as the very planet they were standing on) without much difficulty.
While because of their enormous power the SG's no longer engage in combat, it is possible that there was another reason he did not attack Cain.. perhaps he sensed a kindred spirit?
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