snarky fishies and birdies Picture

It's not good to draw when you're in a rageful, depressed sorta mood, but I chose to be productive and quickly finish this sketch I started. Not that this picture has a point. Dig those awesome water scribbles and those questionable looking Christmas trees that may or may not be wings, lol. They're not even growing out of his back, I just scribbled them in. I'll do it for real next time. Minnie has scales on her chest but I think I sorta rubbed them away a little on accident. HA, oops.

Actually the whole arrangement is extremely similar to the earth!Minnie and air!Mickey sketch that I still haven't colored. And I have no idea when I will.

This is the sort of stuff I draw and then hide from the world forever, but since I already showed these doodles to you guys - [link] - I figured this might be okay. I've come to notice that I only upload normal generic junk that you can find on any Hallmark card soooo now it's time for the weird stuff you only find in fandom.

I knew I wasn't going to color it, so here it goes in the scrap heap. I'd like to doodle more of these two in these wacky forms if only so I can make stupid jokes about how Mickey can't swim, Minnie has trouble walking on land whenever she has her legs on, and lololol I should just throw something really bizarre in there like other characters as mythological creatures. Centaur Mortimer, he has four legs, Mickey, clearly he's a threat.

Good gravy I really need to finish some of my people drawings. I draw people toooooo.

Mickey and Minnie belong to Disney.

I totally didn't notice until two seconds ago that Minnie's almost quoting "Two Gun Mickey."
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