Winged Cow Picture

Do not even ask me what possessed me to do this one! Because honestly, I have absolutely NO IDEA where it came from.

This was done in '98 on a flight from NYC to London. I had just finnished a sketch of a Zebra striped unicorn to accompany a poem I had written. After sketching the unicorn, just for no obvious reason I thought... you know I've seen winged horses, but I had never really seen a winged cow. I saw a commercial on television recently about happy farms or something that just made me recall this so I dug it up out of my old sketches and decided to put her on the net.

I should also point out here, that at the time I did an entire series of winged cows... I dont know why I found it so fascinating other than I simply did.

They became a race that inhabited this exotic "afterworld" along with the Zebra striped unicorns, for that matter all manner of bizarrely colored unicorns, and then Centaurs... I think I am just going to write it off as my "reinvented and more exotic mythological beasts" phase.
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