to stay lost Picture

Off of the trail and off of your hands and
Onto a new plan
Is the cost to stay lost
Forever in an empty skin
Pale and thin

If it's good, or if it's fortune, I can't tell
But pieces come together for some reason just as well
Their guns couldn't see us
There's a sea outside my door
And one day I'll appreciate
The rush of blood and the washed out beat of the shore

And remember what it felt like
To be alone
Sitting in the sunlight
All alone

-future reflections, MGMT

pencil (only H and HB) on sketchbook paper. I intended to colour this with my new prismacolours, but I'm afraid to touch it anymore... also I already kind of shaded it, idk would that look bad with colour over it?
ps if you can't see my squiggly lines very well in the bg - they're standing in shallow water (except for his back hooves)
it was going to be more obvious when I did colour, BUT YOU KNOW...

sry for the awkward cropping.
also I swear his torso doesn't look as dumb in person - the shading is too subtle for the scanner to pick up and it only got the dark lines :C
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