Narnian Dryads Picture

This drawing was inspired by a passage from "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" in which it describes dryads and what they are wearing. As usual, they depicted in my style which essentially based on how Pauline Baynes often depicted them.

"Instead of all that deadly white the courtyard was now a blaze of colours; glossy chestnut sides of centaurs, indigo horns of unicorns, dazzling plumage of birds, reddy-brown of foxes, dogs, and satyrs, yellow stockings and crimson hoods of dwarfs; and the birch-girls in silver, and the beech-girls in fresh, transparent green, and the larch-girls in green so bright that it was almost yellow."

I decided to do a sort of a "Blonde-Brunette-Redhead" sort of deal with their hair, although it is more like "Blackish Green/Dark Brunette-Greenish Blonde-Light Brunette" in a literal sense. lol
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