9. Demon Picture

I do not have a long history of drawing monsters. I barely know how to draw women and not even them properly. I have no hope of getting a realistic looking drawing out and I know my style look very childish. I'm used to it and I am trying to get better at it.

The thing that caused me trouble with this one is that I don't have creativity when it comes to monsters and the fact that number 9 is demon and number 10 is succubus on the list. I can't draw two hoofed girls with horns in a row. Just because it's female doesn't mean it has to look humanoid or have boobs. I hate it how it looks like it's smiling even though it's supposed to be a man-eater, pun intended.

I just realised that it's a reverse centaur. I wanted more than four limbs on it but didn't want to do six limbs that looked alike nor did I want to do a demon centaur so I went with four arms that are a lot stronger than the two legs. That I intended, but I didn't think of it as a reverse centaur while I drew it. Now I just can't stop thinking about it as other than a reverse centaur. This is how you fu%k up mythology. Right up the arse!

Picture & art © me. All rights reserved.

P.S. Most of today's free time went into drawing the alien on the list that I had an idea for a few days ago. Shame the alien is number 18 on the list and you don't get to see it until then. I wanted to draw these in order but I just had to do the alien since I had a good idea for it. I will post them in the same order that I have them on my list and I don't intend to skip any of the ones on the list. Just might make the ones I already have a clear idea for ahead of time and just post them when I get there.
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