deceit Picture

so here's been my little side project as of late
deviantart inspired me so i decided to make my own little 'mon
time to cram as many greek myths into one being as possible!


This lil guy is nameless right now, but it's a Fairy-type. Why doesn't it look like a Fairy-type, you may ask?
Well, it's based on a Trojan horse, and is designed to distract from the fact that it's a little cute Fairy. However, it is also a centaur(unashamedly my favorite mythological creature), and therefore can be attributed to a fairy/legend in that sense.

I'm sure it would be one of the few Pokemon to learn Substitute by levelling up, but (mostly due to being Fairy-type, which has a pretty lame set of S.T.A.B. attacking moves at the moment) will mostly have a moveset for support. Its highest stat would probably be HP or Defense, but in the end would not be able to match a lot of the Pokemon in competitive battle. Also, it does not evolve, or have a Mega Evolution. So kinda lame. But hey, a fairy horse!!


aaaa i need to get better at spriting but hey, practice makes perfect i guess.
also the one on the right is the shiny form of the normal, left. red and black are always cool in a shiny pokemon always

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