Colouring Book Picture

So I decided to make a colouring book for Madyson (the little girl that lives in my building) since I keep drawing her things and she really loves my drawings, and I love drawing things for other people, especially kids lol. So these are the first four pages I've done so far, I was thinking of doing ten depending on how much time I get to do it and stuff. So first there's a creepy looking doll, with all the cutesy stuff I draw for kids you know I just had to 'Sen' it up a bit lol. Then a centaur, of which I got the idea from WOW (.....NERD!) when I saw a hot centaur chick walking around (fyi: My first time ever drawing a horse). Also cause I couldn't really think of other fantasy, mythological, anthro creatures, and I think I've drawn too many fairies and animal girls. Hence why there's a mermaid in there too, and then for some reason Alice from Alice in Wonderland (which I had to write atop in case anyone couldn't figure that out lol). Obviously from the part when she's shrunk and getting picked on by the judgemental flowers. I decided to leave out the opium huffing caterpillar, I didn't think that would be appropriate subject matter for a child lol.

So hopefully there will be more pages coming. This was just really fast, mildly detailed stuff I did for the purposes of colouring them. I used to love colouring books when I was a kid. I had a Barbie one that I friggen coloured the shit out of! It was my favourite. So I thought being a little girl she'd like that too. I still don't really know what to give it to her for. I thought just handing her a colouring book I worked on just for her for no reason might be a bit creepy lol. Her birthday was in March but I thought school's almost over so maybe I could do it as like a graduation present or something.
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