UnderTheSea Picture


I've been drawing a lot of mermen lately... they just are so
fun to draw, especially the chubby ones. ^^ My friend let
me borrow this book that gives you tips on drawing fantasy
characters, and I was all... WHOO! Mermen weren't in there,
but I just thought it up and yeah. I also like drawing the
satyrs, which are half goat, half man. As well as the half
horse half man ones too, the centaur. lovely! : D

Haven't been able to concentrate on here much, but I shall
try my best soon... we are packing and fixing up the house
for moving in November. :/ Oh well... eh.

Might be who you think it is... dunno. Heh, and sorry about
the hands... they died.

copyright © 2008 Mcroverlord

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