My favorite robot masters Picture

Hey guys guess what?! I got some new colouring markers!!! TwT
And because of that I decided to draw some of my favorite robot masters!
MM1: Technically Time man isn't a MM1 robot master, but MM Powered up is a remake of MM1 so he counts! And he's my favorite because he's purple ewe''
MM2: BubbleXSplash. Seriously why isn't that a thing?! I barely find anything that's BubbleXSplash! That's like the only pairing ever that I actually support. Also out of all the MM2 robots Bubble man is the only one that I don't wanna kill.
MM3: Toppiiiie~~ IDK why I love Top man, but I do~
MM4: Toadiiiiie~~ It's either Bright man or Toad man. I can never decide they're both so cute, but I drew Toad man because of his stupid AI.
MM5: Starriiie~~ I chose Star man because I love stars and constellations and space. Plus he looks pretty cool. And then there are the whole Starman vs Starman jokes.
MM6: It's a tie between Centaur and Plant! Centaur has a very unique desing and he's based of of a mythological creature! And Plant man has a cool desing!
MM7: To be honest I don't really like a the MM7 robot masters at all. They are way too detailed imo. I chose Freeze man because I've seen some cute pictures of him and Ice man <3
MM8: Astro man is a timid little cutiebot~ He has a cool desing and just like Star man, he's a space bot!
MM9: Another tie! Galaxy man is a cute little colour changing space bot and Splashie is a badass mermaid bot. Did you know that early desings depicted Splash woman using her tail as a lyra? That's pretty freaking awesome! Also BubbleXSplash.
MM10: Sheepiiiee~~ I LOVE Sheep man! Seriously he's so cuuuute~~~ And he's based of of a novel called ''Do androids dream of electric sheep?'' which is awesome! And his stage theme is awesome as well!

These lil cuties belong to Capcom

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