Satyroi Tennis Club Picture

Okay, so I've been watching the French Open for the past two weeks, and one of the commentators mentioned that the best players in tennis right now are all quick movers... which had me thinking that satyrs would probably be GREAT at tennis. So, of course, I started doodling.

In the DI-verse, the majority of satyrs, nymphs, and centaurs live at a place called Satyroi Vineyards, which is pretty much its own little community. Communities have recreation, too, and while most mythology buffs out there can guess at what one major form of recreation for satyrs and nymphs is, they would also have sports, too. So, here are some of the satyrs and nymphs of the Satyroi Tennis Club.

(I don't think the centaurs play tennis much... I'll have to figure out what sports they like. XD)
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