Tamdrin character page Picture

Aha! This is pretty amazing... I've done four of the 8 so far... consecutively.. in 4 days.. Well! Anyway... this guy's pretty cool..
Tamdrin.. named after a pal of mine's name that she uses.. XD he's a young centaur dude.. who.. y'know.. has the 'young' attitude.. dislikes the strictness of his upbringing, particularly since he's quite well-behaved and hardly needs so much authority getting on his case.. of course he does tend to be overtalkative and maybe even inappropriately cheerful.. meh. I think everyone will like this character. He's non-bad.
When it comes to fighting, he doesn't get too near any monsters.. not really a fan of pain.. so he sticks to the rear or side and fires lots of neat arrows. I'm not sure what kind, exactly, but not like Green Arrow. Nope. Nothing like those. If something does get close, though, he puts his weight into it.. front and rear hoof-kicks.. trampling.. If you've never had a quarter-ton centaur on top of you, well.. you haven't.. because you'd be dead. Unless you're a tortoise or something. Hey, if you're a tortoise, how do you type?

I had some trouble with this guy, too.. I kinda wanted to make him a girl.. not enough girls in this party.. kids are kids, though. Course, he's .. er... well, in a lot of respects, a young man! ^_^
I think I should have put more 'references' on this picture.. so you know, for example, that his hair spikes go vertically down the back in a single row.. or what his quiver looks like and how it's belted to his right shoulder... meh. No big. Oh, the other troubles I had related to color and weight.. I had NO Idea what color to make his hair and eyes.. I mean.. they were light brown and blue in my head (in that order) but that's way overdone... I'm rather pleased with the end result, but not 100percent.. also, naturally whenever I draw a horse body I think of them as brown.. so I gave him lil white 'socks' and a spot and... then I realized.. that I really wanna make his MAIN body white.. so you can't be white AND have white socks.. so I gave him those 'dirty' socks and tail and spot.. and I think that looks fine.. but it's still odd.
And yeah, I had NO idea what to make him weigh. It's kinda hard to think about.. Ok, a full-sized horse is 1000 pounds.. that I get... they're 5 times as massive as a man.. but the man-part of a centaur is usually just a bit bigger than a man, just so it fits the proportions.. and.. horses mature so much faster and start out so much bigger that YOUNG centaurs are going to be kinda odd-looking regardless.. I hope I got this right.. he was originally gonna be a mere 360 pounds, but there's no way he's that light.. Heh, I had similar problems with Langur, but you can read about that when I post him.. ^_^
Meh. Enjoy! Many wonderful comments please about how you think centaurs are cool.. ^_^
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