Nuckelavee Picture

It's a Nuckelavee, an Irish fairy-seamonster-centaur type creature. No, I didnt make it up, this is actually part of Irish mythology. The nuckelavee is described as being a centaur or a creature appearing to be a man fused with a horse with no skin but red muscles oozing with rotting flesh, yellow veins and black tendons. It lives in saltwater so that to pickle it's rotting flesh. When you are chased by a nuckelavee, the only means of escape is to cross fresh water, fresh water washes away the layer of salt, causing the nuckelavee to decompose, as well as the "purity" of fresh water cleanses its decay. Not into angsty pictures, I just drew this for the hell of it, I'm sure Slim, the guy who saw me draw this in the cafe of the old grocery store I worked at thought I was insane.
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